The Blackhawk is a Sidearm exclusively for Tank. This gun, being a high caliber handgun, has much higher damage per shot than any of the other peashooter pistols, however, it has very high recoil to counter it. It is also very accurate.

Strategies Edit

  • Increasing damage with the Provoked perk allows you to 2 shot classes with 200hp by raising the damage from 90 to 113
  • Due to it's high mobility, and damage but low RoF this pistol will do better as a gun to run around with rather then a pullout sidearm in close range.

Weapon Skins Edit

Early access Edit

  • Veteran Blackhawk

First Blood Edit

  • Jungle Blackhawk
  • Diamond ore Blackhawk

Trivia Edit

  • Based off the IMI Desert Eagle